Thursday, February 22, 2018

Weekend Astrology Forecast for Creatives | plus the Parkland shooting, the eclipse, Trump and the legacy of Marjory Stoneman Douglas

Come see inside my bones by Natalia Drepina

FRIDAY just looks like a complete mess.

The Moon (in versatile, communicative Gemini) will:

1. square the Sun - giving us our First Quarter Moon. The First Quarter Moon is the first crisis point for whatever was seeded at the New Moon last week. In Gemini, our minds will be busy. We need to be flexible. We may need to be able to pivot. The square to the Pisces Sun tells us that maybe something is not being said here. Maybe important words/information is hidden/missing. A decision/choice might need to be made now in order to obtain the results we want at the Full Moon next week. We could be mentally frustrated.

2. square Mercury - this is kind of the same energy. Communications break down. We want to escape from the conversation. Our logical mind is challenged by our gut instinct.

3. square Neptune - disappointment maybe or feelings of being adrift, confusion, being vulnerable to deception. Keep in mind our silence might be taken for agreement and the same could be said of other people.

4. square Venus - emotional interactions with others, emotional money issues, not good for socializing, partnership stuff. Not a good date night. Probably best to postpone any meetings or interactions that require a need for cooperation or tact.

5. inconjuncts Saturn - trouble with an authority figure, pressure to conform or create a limit, criticism, responsibilities put us between a rock and a hard place

6. oppose Mars - anger, volatile emotions, spicy food is not a good idea for our digestion Friday night, just sayin'

With the Moon in Gemini, Friday will probably be a busy day - lots of communication, going here and there, but all these troublesome aspects (and lack of positive aspects) could create disconnect and lots of tension, stress and challenges. Information that comes in now might not be the complete picture or might not be true. Keep this in mind. 

Plan light. Drive safely.

Juno (contracts/commitments/relationships) will move into Pisces. This speaks of fated commitments and spiritual bonding. Also more rose colored glasses, this time concerning agreements - you know we haven't put those away yet, right? So maybe the vibe is so 'high' it feels almost wrong to 'get it in writing' (Juno will be in Pisces through April 28th) - but be aware of Pisces tendency to drift off course - better get it in writing! We will talk more about this transit as we move through it.

On SATURDAY, the Moon continues in Gemini until going void at 2:58PM EST. Maybe the morning is spent finishing up the stuff we didn't get to yesterday or trying to untangle whatever got tangled up.

The Moon will inconjunct both Pluto and Jupiter on his journey out of Gemini - this could bring up intense, moody emotions, maybe an overbearing need to share something. More rocks and hard places. The Moon's last aspect before the void is a sextile to Uranus maybe leaving us more open to change and chance encounters. Women (especially mothers) could provide excellent insight now. Our mood will be in flux.

By the time the Moon moves into Cancer at 10:06PM EST we will all be wanting to call it a night, especially after the last two stressful days, and snuggle up at home. Have some comfort food in the house, everyone is going to need it.

On SUNDAY, the Moon continues in sensitive, home and family focused Cancer.

Mars (in Sagittarius) is squaring Venus (in Pisces). This is tension between what we want (Venus) and what we have to do to get what we want (Mars). Men vs. women - we could probably either stay in bed and work this one out or get some boxing gloves and fight it out. People could be confrontational and think they know-it-all or more aggressively go after what they want.

Mercury conjuncts Neptune at 11 degrees Pisces (same degree Venus met Neptune earlier in the week so there could be a connection to that). Our thinking becomes more intuitive. But details are foggy and unclear. Conversations drift off course. We don't know what to believe. Not good energy for detailed work, but excellent for bigger picture thinking, meditation, art and healing. Words of compassion and forgiveness are possible now. Lies and deception are possible now, too. Information isn't quite as good (or maybe quite as bleak) as it is presented to be. Conspiracy theorists will be down even more rabbit holes if that is even possible anymore. Not a time to make an important decision. Good day to make a vision board.

The Sun (in Pisces) will sextile (opportunity) Saturn (in Capricorn). This is our dreams and sweat equity working together to produce real results.

Let's not lose sight that despite all the chaos and fog, it is PISCES SEASON - we pretty much just need to have a dream and show up (this showing up part is important), then magic wands start waving all over the place!

So unlike the Mercury/Neptune this aspect is practical, good for hard work and attention to details and unlike the Mars/Venus this aspect is opportunistic and agreeable - making Sunday a bit of a mixed bag depending on what is hitting what in your personal chart!

The Moon will trine Neptune at night making us feel sensitive and vulnerable. Maybe sad/melancholy. Good meditation energy. Good time to thank our ancestors. What a week!

xo all

You might remember when Trump took office he got busy dismantling Obama's second term (which having kicked off on a Void Moon was ripe for "nothing to come of it").

On February 15, 2017, Congress passed the one piece of gun legislation Trump has put forth so far and undid Obama's restrictions (which maybe weren't much anyway, but were something) aimed at mental illness.

The Sun was at 26 degrees Aquarius. The next time the Sun was at 26 degrees Aquarius was during the Parkland, Florida shooting on Valentine's Day 2018, one year later.

The Sun moved to meet the Moon at 27 degrees triggering the New Moon Solar Eclipse hours later, which you might remember had that aspect to Juno (contracts/what is worth keeping at all costs) - actually at the exact moment a heart-broken Florida mother was screaming at the cameras and pleading with Trump for help the Sun was being eclipsed by the Moon.

(our ancestors thought solar eclipses brought the death of the king as the Moon - the people, blocked out the Sun's rays -the king).

We know eclipses are very powerful and this one is tied into this shooting. There is powerful energy for change here.

That legislation was signed into law by Trump when the Sun was at 9 degrees Pisces. The Sun will return to 9 degrees Pisces next Wednesday just hours before the Full Moon in Virgo. Let's see what happens with this energy over the next week. And then what all of us do over the next 6 months as the eclipse energy plays out.

Trump probably has a greater ability to get something done with this issue than either Clinton or Sanders would have had with our current Congress and his supporters. His Gemini Sun gives him the ability to pivot. His Gemini North Node gives him a mandate to pivot

(yes, if you have a Gemini North Node - you come into this life knowing 'everything' and then find out there is a hell of alot you don't know).

His Uranus sitting right beside them tells us there is never a way to know what the hell he is going to do - but Uranus was the ruler of the eclipse and sextiling (opportunity) the eclipse and we had that semi-sextile to hurting/healing Chiron. Maybe any move he makes can have a 'tipping point' effect.

My most heart-felt dream here is that he pivots away from the NRA and alot of well-meaning, but entrenched people pivot with him. Either way, the issues arising from this shooting (and the opposition from Aquarius - the people, toward Leo - the king, and Trump is a Leo rising) will be a story over the next few months.

My first astrology teacher was fascinated by the way our charts continue to be activated after we die. She had charts going back several generations in her own family and her findings were amazing.

I noticed the school in Parkland Florida was named after a woman born in 1890 named Marjory Stoneman Douglas so I googled her.

I can't tell the houses of her chart without a birth time, but we can see just from the date that she was born when Mars (action, war, anger, violence) was at 11 degrees Sagittarius (education, media, politics) the EXACT position of Mars during the Parkland shooting on Valentine's Day

(note there are 360 positions where Mars could be ♂)

AND if you read her Wikipedia profile - which you must - she was a conservationist, journalist and women's suffrage advocate (does anyone sound more like someone Trump would have trouble with) and worked in defense of the Florida Everglades and fought against those who would "drain the swamp". I'm not kidding.

And, yes, I know I am down a rabbit hole myself here.

What does all this mean?

Other than the fact we live in a magical, synchronistic universe (or I am losing my mind and connecting dots that should never be connected) I have no idea (although I guess anything that clarifies that for anyone should be enough - the magical universe part, not the "Cat is losing her mind" part).

But I do think Trump may have met his match in Marjory. And her story isn't over. xo again

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Venus Conjunct Neptune | swept off our feet

Us by goodmusicgoodpeople

We wake up this morning with Venus (love, money, women, beauty, our values and self-esteem) conjunct dreamy, boundless Neptune at 13 degrees Pisces.

This is excellent energy to fall head over heels in love. Also to be swept off our feet and carried away by whatever catches our fancy now.

This is a a magical energy for attracting (Venus) our dreams (Neptune).

Keep in mind with this happening in Pisces there is a good deal of idealization going on. Our rose colored glasses will have ordered their own rose colored glasses from Warby Parker ... and we will be wearing both pairs. Things can seem way better than they actually are.

This energy could make us prone to daydreaming.

Drugs and alcohol will have a heightened effect - I am sure even cold medicine, so be careful. If you know someone prone to drifting off course via some kind of external intoxication maybe check in with them. Make sure they are ok. Don't take on their problems! But maybe just send a "thinking of you" text. Then they can call you if they need to touch base.

We also have Mercury (words, conversation) sextiling Saturn (authority, responsibility) this afternoon, so compassionate language will provide serious and stabilizing opportunities today. Also language of forgiveness.

Be aware we are stepping into a portal (and another page of this month's Venus chapter - which I wrote about somewhere on here, but can't find now) where realities merge, identities dissolve. Very high frequencies can be experienced. But Neptune is tricky AND always well-equipped to prove to us that we neither know everything nor are we even up to the task of providing a complete list of things we should be wanting to know about. Existence is simply bigger than we are. So is Neptune.

Keep in mind Venus also rules our money and our values and we probably don't want these things to be swept out to sea. Purchases, investments - could seem way better than they actually are, too.

Let's enjoy the healing potential of releasing and dissolving all that has built up, but not to the degree of our own injury- Pisces does rule the 12th house of self-sabotage. Things could get lost here.

It will be easy to forget things. People with strong Neptunes have usually forgotten most of their childhoods, so our car keys may not stand much of a chance on making it to the wall hook. Make an effort to be mindful.

Another possibility, I have a close family member with Neptune (on her ascendant) opposing Venus, and have seen this play out many times - is that our Venus makes us very attractive to every victim story we come in contact with. We will be attracted (Venus) to people's secrets, their woundings, their grief. Caring for other people will feel really good. There is the potential for a great deal of healing here. And also for great disillusionment and heartache.

This doesn't mean we armor up - our armor has been put away until the Aries New Moon (Vernal Equinox, first day of Spring). March will flip around this year and come in like a lamb and go out like a lion! We need to feel what we need to feel. Since Neptune came home to Pisces in 2011 - we have all been living in a kind of unreality reality anyway. Just keep in mind we are certainly all more vulnerable now.

People could lie to us (we could lie, too) - this can also happen this weekend when Mercury hits this same degree. Relationships (Venus) could be confusing (Neptune). The Moon is in fixed Taurus and everyone will be stubborn.

Of course, this is EXCELLENT energy for art, for spiritual work, for healing, for creativity, to release a boundary, to dream.

Our ability to attract (Venus) is boundless (Neptune). Just know there is a great deal of illusion and glamour being projected here.

Marilyn Monroe was born with Neptune trine Venus, Brigitte Bardot with Neptune conjunct Venus (today's aspect) and Pamela Anderson with Neptune square Venus.

Another person born with Neptune conjunct Venus (illusion, glamour) was Andy Warhol who once said, "art is what you can get away with", "if you're not trying to be real, you don't have to get it right", "if you want to know all about Andy Warhol just look at the surface of my paintings and me, and there I am. There's nothing behind that."

That about sums up this energy - enjoy it - but use your astrology knowledge to stay safe with it, too.

xo all

Note - this is the same degree of Pisces Mercury will conjunct Neptune next weekend, so something from today will likely lead to a conversation, information, a decision, etc. Our thinking won't be any clearer THEN. Keep this in mind.